Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun in NYC!

For the past few days I have been visiting my eldest son, Seth Evans, in NYC. It has been a blast!! I got here on Tuesday and, after giving the taxi driver his OLD address, had to walk about 15 minutes to get to his NEW place (dementia setting in). On Wednesday we got to attend the taping of one of my FAVORITE shows--The Chew! I was hoping to meet some of the hosts, but we didn't get to, sadly. Still it was a blast!! Here is a view of the set!

On Thursday we went to the Avengers Experience in near Times Square and then on to Madame Toussaud's! I even won the "selfie" contest for the week--I'm still waiting to hear what I won, but here is the picture I won with:

Friday the mood was more somber as we went to the 9/11 Memorial. That day deeply affected me and watching all the footage and seeing all the wreckage and pictures just brought all of that back! I think they did a tremendous job in a very respectful way. I thought back to my very first trip to NYC in 1993 and getting to go to the top of the WTC. I want to go home and find the pictures I took that day! Here is a view of one of the fountains at the footprint of one of the towers and a picture of the Freedom Tower.

Today we checked out the HighLine--this is a beautiful path along an old train track that spans from about 12th Street all the way up to 34th Street. We walked it from 14th Street til the end. Gorgeous views of buildings and the Port of New York. We even saw an NCL cruise ship in port. It was very hot and I almost didn't make it. Now I am sitting in the a/c cooling off. Tonight I am taking Seth and his roommates to Becco, the nice restaurant where Seth and Jamal both work. It will be a fitting end to a great trip!

Here is a view from the HighLine:
I have to go back to Pittsburgh tomorrow but not until evening. Seth is going to try to get off work so we can go watch the game together at his favorite Steeler Bar. THAT will be a great way to end my trip especially if we win!!